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Hybrid DVR
HVR-MDxxAI series
1080p realtime recording & playback
HDMI, VGA, Spot output, RAID, NAS support
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HVR-MDxxS/ MDxxSA series
P2P, Push Alarm, Advanced Video Detection, POS, RAID Support
SPOT Monitor support (single/quad/sequence)
UPTO 16 ch simultaneous playback
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HVR-MDxxA series
All-in-one Analog Full HD DVR
1080p half-realtime recording & playback
HDMI, VGA, Spot output, NAS support
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HVR-F5/6xx Series
HD-NVR with Built-in PoE (Max. 16Ch)
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HVR-F700 Series
36Ch & 64Ch HD-NVR with None PoE
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